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Recruiting Period Selection Date Submission Period Review Verify
2022-03-12 ~ 2022-04-30 2022-05-01 2022-05-02 ~ 2022-05-31 2022-06-03

Campaign Information

  • Recruitment type Instagram Delivery Type
  • Offer Mystery Items
  • Offer Point + 0 P
  • Applied 19/30
  • Deadline 2022-04-30

Campaign Hashtag

#CelebAsia #CelebAsiaReview #CelebAsiaCampaign #InfluencerPh #ReviewPh #KBeautyPh #CelebMarketPh #CosmeticPh #MomInfluencer

Kindly input all hashtag here in your review correctly.
If you don’t input hashtag, we could ask you to correct it.

Review Guidelines

Exclusive Only for Mom Influencers
* Items will be sent via Shopee and you need to pay your own shipping fee.

* Someone who can provide before and after picture & videos.
Please follow @celebasia_influencer and FACEBOOK CelebAsia and Shopee and Subscribe in our Youtube Channel. 
You can see when new Campaign updated.
1. If you put @celebasia_influencer in your instagram profile, you will have higher chance to be selected.
2. Must tag @celebasia_influencer in the post & stories.
3. Sign up for affiliate program in -> Generate link and share it in any place or in your reivew! And earn commission!
4. Must put Celebph shopee link ->
5. Must create good quality video that you are using this.
6. Must put all hashtags in your reivew.

7. If you do not follow these guidelines, there will be disadvantage on next campaign selection.

Review must be maintained at least more than 6 months. Please keep it well. As much as possible follow the guidelines from Brands.
But definitely respects your honest review.
Provided item must not be for sale to others.

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Campaign Information

Instagram Delivery Type

[]Mom Influencer Search

  • Offer Mystery Items
  • Applied 19 / 30
  • Deadline 2022-04-30
  • Offer Point + 0 P